When I was a child I loved reading stories about all sorts of magical creatures. My favorite were horses. In Russian fairy tales, horses were wonderful; they could talk, do incredible things and make dreams come true. When I came across Greek mythology, the concept of a Pegasus blew my mind. The way to school was long and exhausting, so I dreamed of having a Pegasus that would take me to school and back by flight. Later I started to think of other magic pets with magic powers that would be nice to have as friends. I like re-imagining the existing mythical creatures as well as creating magic beasts of my own. My dream is to create a Magic Garden Sculpture Park with sculptures of Magic Animals, Princesses and other fantastic creatures.

If you have questions about any piece in this series or for commission, please contact Anyuta.

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Sugar Horse

Porcelain, glaze, acrylic, 15x13x6 in (with base), contact the artist for availability

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