Media Portfolio

Interview, The Harpreet Singh Show, Joy TV, August 2017


Town Talks by Malcolm Parry, The Vancouver Sun, Vancouver, July 14, 2017

Heavens to Mergatroid! Stories and creativity galore inside unsuspecting building. Rebecca Blissett, Vancouver Courier, Vancouver 2016

The Home Front: Six design studios worth a visit in Vancouver, Rebecca Keillor, The Vancouver Sun, 2016


Highlights from 2015 Eastside Culture Crawl, Cristina Belmonte, The Westender, Vancouver, 2015 

Interview, Arts Rational with Carol McQuaid, Co-Op Radio, Vancouver, November 2015

Town Talks by Malcolm Parry, The Vancouver Sun, Vancouver, August 2015w, Arts Rational w

ith Gerry Kowalenko, Coo

Interview, Arts Rational with Gerry Kowalenko, Co-Op Radio, Vancouver, August 2015

The Medium Tells The Message, The Source, Vancouver, 2015

Artist and Sculptor Anyuta Gusakova, MonteCristo Magazine, Vancouver, 2014

East Vancouver Culture Crawl, The Province, 2014

Walk of Artists by Noa Glouberman, Canadian Immigrant Magazine, Vancouver, 2011

Metal Sculpture Queens Get Tough at the Eastside Culture Crawl, Georgia Straight, Vancouver, 2010

TV spot on Molecule Bear sculptures with Jeffrey Boon, Global TV News, Vancouver (available for viewing on YouTube), 2010

The Art of Porcelain TV interview, Vladivostok TV, Vladivostok city, Russia, 1997

Mermaid Named Anna, Vladivostok Newspaper, issue #346, Vladivostok city, Russia, 1996