MoBears are molecules of Teddybearium, a happy memory from my childhood. They are my good luck charms, bringing the sincere, unconventional joy of existence that fills a child's heart back into my adult life. MoBears are simple but contain within their molecular structure

the sophistication of all natural designs. My dream is to create happy, shiny, large-scale outdoor MoBears as public art objects.

If you have questions about any piece in this series or for commission, please contact Anyuta.

Two MoBears, Mishka and Dragon, are now on a display at Vancouver International Airport (YVR) greeting visitors to Vancouver. I remember arriving here myself seven years ago as a new immigrant with a child. We knew nobody in both Americas. Moving here from Russia was like moving to another planet. Everything felt so alien and detached. Now with my bears at YVR I feel completely accepted by my new motherland. And I hope that their bright and happy skins will make newcomers feel a bit more welcomed!

©Anyuta Gusakova 2020 | Vancouver, Canada |  | 1-604-619-8879

Breakfast with Bunny and MoBears

Art installation / performance 2011, photographer Milos Tosic

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