Some years ago, I was approached by photographer who liked my MoBear sculptures and wanted to take a picture of them and myself. I liked the idea, but wanted to make something more exciting than just a portrait of an artist. I started thinking. I thought that it would be great if the sculptures became alive and played an equal role in the game. We animated sculptures by bringing them out of the artist studio into the real life. In return, they transformed the real life into an imaginary surrealistic story. 

"Breakfast with Bunny"

Photography Milos Tosic.

Artwork and concept Anyuta Gusakova.

"Walking MoBears in Yeletown"

Photography Milos Tosic.

Artwork and concept by Anyuta Gusakova.

©Anyuta Gusakova 2020 | Vancouver, Canada |  | 1-604-619-8879

Walking the Bears in Yaletown