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I developed deep love for porcelain since the time of my internship with the Vladivostok Porcelain Factory, one of Russia’s largest at the time porcelain manufacturers back in the nineties. I love the beauty of the material, its translucency and elegance. I create my porcelain sculptural and functional objects using slip-cast technique.  First, I build a model - the original piece. Then I make a plaster mold from this model which might consist of up to thirty different parts. I pour liquid porcelain into this plaster mold to get a perfect replica of the original. After that, the casts go through cleaning, multiple firings and decoration. It is a long and extremely precise process. But it results in creation of a precious artwork. To learn more about the process click here.

 All my porcelain casts are original limited and numbered editions, stamped/signed by Anyuta. Certificate of Authenticity is included with each piece.

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