I always wanted to be a princess. In my childhood, my parents did not want "to spoil" me, so I could be a princess only in my dreams. I remember when I was five years old in daycare. I was wearing a paper crown I made for myself. A teacher saw me and asked what it was on my head. I said "A Crown". She stared at me for a brief moment and walked away speechless.  In the Soviet Union, no one dreamed of being royalty. Princess drawings were my first daycare "commissions" from other girls. Today, my princesses have multiple inspirations: Medieval Madonnas, Renaissance dames, Russian clay dolls, natural patterns, international folk motifs and abstracted geometry. My dream is to create a Magic Garden Sculpture Park with sculptures of Princesses, Magic Animals and other fantastic creatures. It would be a place where imagination and dreams create a parallel reality.

Princess acrylic painting

Spherical Princess

acrylic on canvas, 43x56", private collection

©Anyuta Gusakova 2019 |

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