When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a princess. My parents were pretty strict  with me in order not to “spoil" a child. So I could be a princess only in my dreams. I remember when I was five years old I went to daycare with a paper crown that I made for myself. Teacher saw me and asked what it was on my head. I said "A Crown". She stared at me for a brief moment and walked away speechless.  In the Soviet Union, no one dreamed of being a royalty. Princess drawings were my first daycare "commissions" from other girls. Today, my princesses have multiple inspirations: Medieval Madonnas, Renaissance dames, Russian clay dolls, natural patterns, international folk motifs and abstracted geometry. My dream is to create a Magic Garden Sculpture Park with sculptures of Princesses, Magic Animals and other fantastic creatures. It would be a place where imagination and dreams create a parallel reality.

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Pink Horse

Original painting, acrylic on wood, 8x10", sold