As most of my work, Athena was born in an intuitive creative process. She started as a bust of a delicate young girl with a beautiful flowing hair. But after I built body and round head, the girl did not want any hair, which puzzled me. But soon, I realized whom she wants to be - Athena – an ancient Greek goddess of war and warcraft. As a warrior goddess she wears a helmet topped with a figure of a griffin with its wings spread high. The griffin also came intuitively. I just saw it. Only later I realized that it is a perfect match of gentleness and aggression. Since this work is a product of my subconscious, I can only guess that Athena may be a result of my fascination with Greek mythology when I was a little child. And my training as a classical artist. And the fact that Athena was also a patron and protectess of crafts and a symbol of wisdom, the arts and classical learning.


This one of a kind sculpture is a mixed media piece (porcelain, paper-gypsum composite, acrylic, ground copper). Dimensions: 45x38x38 inches

Prices are in US dollars

Athena, the Warrior Goddess


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