MoBears are the Molecular Bears. They are the molecules of Teddybearium, a happy memory from my childhood. They are my good luck charms, bringing the sincere, unconventional joy of existence that fills a child's heart back into my adult life. MoBears are simple but contain within their molecular structure the sophistication of all natural designs.

Baby MoBear, White is a porcelain sculpture made in a limited edition of 300. Each MoBear is hand made by the artist, numbered, and comes with certificate of authenticity with my signature.


Dimensions of a Baby MoBear: 6 x 5 x 5 in (15x13x13cm).

Weight is approximately 1.5 lb (600 g).

Prices are in US dollars

Baby MoBear, White


    ©Anyuta Gusakova 2019 |

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