Dandelion vase is made in fine high fire porcelain. It is glazed inside to hold water. Outside surface is unglazed, polished and decorated with gold lustre. Limited edition. The imagery on the vase is a carved low relief of a gentle flower girl, a Dandelion, surrounded on both sides with dandelion leafs. The theme is inspired by my original sculpture of a Dandelion girl, which shows an elongated female figure with a hair made of feathers to resemble a white dandelion flower. In both sculpture and relief on the vase I tried to convey a feeling of unity between nature and humans and our mutual gentle and vulnerable essence that needs care and love just like flowers.

Dandelion Vase

  • Could be washed with mild soap. Unglased and unpainted surfaces could be brushed with damp baking soda in needed.

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