Mini MoBear, the molecular bear, is a miniature play on my signature sculptures, the Molecular Bears. They are the molecules of Teddybearium, a happy memory from my childhood. They are my good luck charms, bringing the sincere, unconventional joy of existence that fills a child's heart back into my adult life. MoBears are simple but contain within their molecular structure the sophistication of all natural designs.


The size of this mini sculpture is 1 3/4 x 1 1/4 x 1 1/4 in (3.5x3x3cm)


Made by hand by the artist in high fire porcelain, unglazed and polished.

All my sculptural and functional designs are limited edition, hand made artworks of exceptional craftsmanship quality and unique artistic vision. I equally treat my one of a kind exhibition pieces and porcelain limited editions. They both are my labour of love.

Mini MoBears

  • Can be gently washed with warm water and dish soap

©Anyuta Gusakova 2019 |

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