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May 8, 2016

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May 8, 2016

I was an extremely sensitive introvert child. I often felt misunderstood even in my own family. I did not know how to communicate my feelings to others without being hurt. I wished I had no feelings at all. So I’ve learned to hide them, sometimes from myself. But the trapped energy of suppressed love, pain, desire and rejection was choking me on the inside. Making art gave me the relief I needed so much. It became my therapy. I retreated from the real world into the realm of my imagination which was safe from any danger from an outside. I filled it with love, peace and harmony. I spent all the time I could in this wonderful place. I could freely speak my feelings through visual images. Nature was my biggest inspiration, healer and the source of wisdom in building harmonious structures. It was teaching me the alphabet, grammar and syntax of the visual language.  I soon learned that a subject could deliver an emotion: a bull or a Minotaur could express power and animal force; a gentle female figure would convey an open soul and vulnerability. Furthermore, even abstract shapes and colors could communicate a feeling, a sensation: a cube would stand for stability, the colour red expressed energy.  Over years I mastered this skill well enough to convey even subtler nuances of emotion through metaphorical images. It was only then that I realized that speaking to myself was no longer satisfying.  My language became useless without someone to talk to. I came to understand that just being an artist was not my only purpose. Self-isolation was not an answer. My experiences were not unique but shared by many others. I experienced an immense sense of joy through my art work and this is what I wanted to share.   Only through sharing with people my discoveries on truth and beauty, my ways to achieve happiness and inner harmony, which I found on my inwards journey, was I able to achieve a higher ground as a person and an artist. It was time for me to go back into the world and experience everything together, because we are the one.

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