I create fantastical worlds inhabited with mythical creatures and toy-like characters. My fantasies are inspired by all the beautiful things in the world and also by magical stories. Then they take a shape of sculptures, paintings, drawings, ceramic and porcelain creations.

I have always been a dreamer. In my early childhood I discovered that my dreams were much more powerful if I gave them a material form, so I began putting pencil to paper. Then, I could share my dreams with others. My first audience were my fellow kindergarten girls, who lined up for a drawing of a princess. I also discovered that beauty of any sort made me happy. Beautiful flowers, animals, songs or even beautiful thoughts filled my heart with joy of existence. It was even better when I managed to create something myself which was pleasing to the eye. I felt that this way I was adding to the world’s beauty. I devoted many years to studying art including classical and folk art in order to obtain knowledge and skills of creating harmonious things. First, I learnt how nature does it by creating representational imagery of a natural object. But then I wanted to go beyond that. I started stylizing my subject matter, mixing genres, materials, mediums, concepts, contexts and so on. After cooking it altogether in my artistic kitchen, I came up with a style of art that is joyful, playful and colorful like a toy but deep and profound at the same time.



Anyuta Gusakova was born and raised in the port city of Vladivostok in the Pacific frontier of Soviet Russia. Since early childhood art became her land of freedom, imagination and beauty where she would escape from social restraints. At 14 she graduated from a 4-year classical visual art school for gifted children. While obtaining her BFA in linguistics from a local university, Anyuta spent a few years doing internships with Vladivostok porcelain factories. There she learnt all the processes of ceramic manufacturing. After graduating from the university with an English Translator Diploma, Anyuta moved to Moscow and enrolled into the Stroganov University of Art and Design to focus on classical art forms with major in Sculpture. During that time she worked on numerous commissions including some peculiar ones like sculpting a model for a chocolate Labrador dog for president Putin and so on. That experience gave her invaluable knowledge and upgraded her skill. It also taught her to seek out for her own artistic voice so she could create her own dreams. After graduating art school, Anyuta immigrated to Canada to pursue a path of independent professional artist. Anyuta currently resides in Vancouver BC.


Artist Anyuta Gusakova

Photo credit Malcolm Parry | The Vancouver Sun