I get inspired by anything that evokes a strong emotional response in me - anything beautiful like nature, magical like myth or strange like a dream. Then the visions of characters come to me and they ask me to give them their material form. It can be clay or paint, stone or bronze. I listen to them and give them the shape that they want. It makes me happy. 





              Anyuta is a Russian-born and classically trained Canadian contemporary artist. She works in fine arts media, such as multimedia sculpture and painting, and she is the creator and owner of Anyuta Porcelain, her signature brand of slip-cast porcelain functional and decorative objects. Her artistic style combines principles of classical art with craft applications, folk decorative motifs, mythical subject and modern expression, making it fresh and valid internationally. Anyuta’s sculptures are currently on a public display at the Vancouver International Airport and the Vancouver Playhouse. Anyuta won a commission to design and create a porcelain statuette for the new national Canadian Legend Award, which was granted to David Foster in 2017. Her works were finalists of the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts 22nd National Ceramic Competition, the 2nd International Ceramic Art Competition in Roseville California, the Vancouver IronCladArt design challenge, and Une Oeuvre de Faience, the 5th international ceramic sculpture competition in France.

Photo credit Malcolm Parry | The Vancouver Sun

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