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"Captivating! Thank you for making our hearts skip a beat"

Roberta Mocanu

"Your works give me joy"

Dave Mainer

You Are Worthy of Love!

The “inner child” is the pure core of the human psyche where individual desires, emotions and dreams are nested. It is our true self, our creative nature, our free spirit, and a life force. It is through our inner child that we experience inspiration, joy, and happiness. Sometimes, as we grow up, we develop other elements of our personality that are more rigid, controlling, and limit our inner child. We stop believing in our dreams and start believing in our limitations. 


I was raised in a family and a culture that prioritized must over want. The desires and needs of others were proclaimed more important than my own. I was missing warmth, softness, and verbal and physical expressions of love and acceptance. My inner child felt unworthy of love. When I grew up, I knew that in order to dream big and feel fulfilled in life, I had to learn how to take care of my inner child and give it the love it deserves. Creating art from a very young age has been my way of finding comfort, balance, and happiness. Art has been a place of self-acceptance, fun, laughter, and unlimited possibilities. It has been a sanctuary for my inner child to feel safe, protected, and loved in. Now I want to share this magic with others. I want to help people heal their inner child by offering art that is loving, inviting, playful, and whimsical with its soft, round, smooth, and bright shapes that are affectionate and uplifting.

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