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Anyuta Gusakova.jpg

"Captivating! Thank you for making our hearts skip a beat".

Roberta Mocanu

"Your works give me joy"

Dave Mainer

Anyuta's Mission: I believe that we can love others and life just the way they are; and that we are worthy of love just the way we are

I am a Russia-born Canadian visual artist with a mission to inspire more love in the world. I was born in the Far East city of Vladivostok to a family of Czech, Polish and Ukrainian origin. I started making art at a very age to express my emotions, to sooth and comfort myself. To me, art has always been a way of staying connected to self. Growing up, I was surrounded by cultural artefacts from nearby Japan and China. I believe that those multicultural influences from my early life deeply affected my artistic perception and expression. After graduating from high school, I spent several years as an apprentice at two local porcelain factories where I learned the art of porcelain and porcelain sculpture in particular. I experienced eleven years of university studies, half in linguistics and half in fine arts. I  studied traditional art and monumental sculpture, and received an MFA equivalent diploma in Sculpture in 2006. I have been living and working in Vancouver, Canada since 2008.

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