ANYUTA’s Mission


     I love creating happy, cute, and beautiful things because I believe that they increase the amount of joy in the world. Growing up, I experienced a lot of emotional pain and had nobody to share it with. I noticed that some things could ease my pain. Beautiful and happy things would heal my hurt. Fairy tales about whimsical worlds inhabited by magical creatures would take me from the land of tears into the land of mystery and wonder. Then, as a little girl, I began making good-feeling things with my own hands. And it filled me with even more joy. Since then, making art has been an absolute necessity for staying balanced. I see my mission in creating work that radiates happiness and harmony to soothe souls and fill them with joy.   


       ANYUTA (Anyuta Gusakova) is a Russia-born Canadian multimedia artist. She was born in the Far East city of Vladivostok to a family of Czech, Polish and Ukrainian origin. Growing up, Anyuta was surrounded by cultures from nearby Japan and China and believes that those multicultural influences from her early life deeply affected her artistic perception and expression. Anyuta has been creating art since she remembers herself. She spent several years as an apprentice at the local porcelain factory where she fell in love with porcelain. Since then, it became one of her signature mediums. Anyuta then thoroughly studied classical art, and received a MFA degree in Sculpture. She has been living and working in Vancouver since 2008.